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10 main myths Instagram


10 main myths Instagram







10 main myths Instagram

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top!

Today we will tell you about the most important myths of Instagram.

  1. Business profile is displayed in the ribbon worse than the personal profile.
The display of profiles in the tape depends on the audience's involvement, the speed of the set of likes, etc. With identical quality content, the profiles are displayed in exactly the same way. It is checked up on itself and on clients. So it all depends on the quality of the account, not the type of account.
  2. To raise the level of involvement, you need to remove from the subscriptions stores and bots.
In order to raise the involvement, it is necessary, first, to improve the content and, secondly, to attract a new, high-quality live audience. Bots Instagram removes itself - automatically once a month, approximately, the shops themselves will unsubscribe from you. Spend time on what really improves your account, not on imitation.
  3. In Instagram there is one youth without money and mummies in a decree.
The average check of Instagram is 6000-7000, the main audience is 25-34, men 35%, women 65%. These are only facts.
  4. It is more effective to advertise in the evening.
It depends on your audience, but the posts posted in the morning collect a larger number of likes and comments. The choice is yours.
  5. In Instagram it is impossible to sell.
Our customers would argue with this. Their average turnover from Instagram is from $1000-6000. Some have several million. So all the barriers in the head. The main desire and possession of information.
  6. Instagram will soon become irrelevant.
Facebook - 13 years, Instagram in October turned 8, the number of users is still growing, so that he is a man in the prime of his life.
  7. In Instagram unprofitable subscribers.
The average cost of a subscriber in (contextual advertising) one click, and it's not even a subscriber, costs about a dollar, which is 10 times more, so everything is known in comparison.
  8. In Instagram you can not write prices.
There are no official restrictions on this score. If you do not write prices because of competitors or tax, trust competitors and tax your prices will find out, but customers danced with a tambourine and write to Direct will be lazy and you will lose them.
  9. SFS and giveaway the best ways to increase subscribers.
In fact, abuse of SFS (mutually exclusive) is very annoying for subscribers, givavei, basically, they bring to the account freeloaders (if they are not thought out correctly) that are unsubscribed after the draw, so use different methods of promotion, and most importantly - with the mind.
  10. Instagram is mainly for pictures, not the information context, the text.
Those who read the text before this place - have already refuted this myth and got very valuable information. Instagram is a complex work both on the photo, and on the texts, and on the themes of these texts.

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO

Author:Elizaveta Vorobeva

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