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10 main sins of Instagrammers

10 main sins of Instagrammers 







10 main sins of Instagrammers

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top! ✨

Do you want to know the 10 main sins of Instagrammers?

1. A terrible description of profiles.  Userinfo is your first selling text. What newcomers see, clicking on your profile. And if he does not answer them "who are you?" "What are you doing?" Is a deep sadness.  

2. Your Avatar. And the whole recipe - it's simple. Here you are given a round window for the avatar, so make it round, come on. DO NOT need to post the name "brand" and its logo, if the brand considers it only a web designer who has sketched all this. The profile photo should be "eye catch" or just not pushing away. The main thing is to make it clear to the user who / what you are and what you are doing.

3. There are no prices. We want, we wish, we dream that these sellers get into a mega mall and hypermarkets and boutiques where, in order to find out the price of a bottle of water or sneakers, it is necessary, well, simply necessary, first to find out the seller's phone number -consultant, then, number to add to the phone, then make a couple of screenshots and running shoes and water, on the phone, open the saddle... 

4. Unanswered comments. We constantly see "how cool, how much does it cost?"And hundreds of questions from everyone and everything, but in response to them - silence. And the oceans of tears From customers - why no orders.

5. Gloomy-terrible photos. Instagram - a network of visuals, laugh with this. Exit? Exit is a good camera, courses of insta masterclasses, freelancers for help, etc.

6. There is no text under the photograph and video. We all at once feel, we have in the office a time machine and inadvertently, we were sent in 2010, when Instagram had psychedelic filters, grandmother's frames, and texts, even more so, was not. 

7. Beauty, honey and nails. There are profiles in which both quotes and selfies and garage repairs are in full swing, kiddies, clouds, food ... In general, I beat a specialist, contact (Super!)

8. There are no hashtags. ("Who needs these tags?") We have written many times and many times about hashtags, there are no tags - there are no organic subscribers, traffic, views, likes. We what? To you it is worse.

9. Despondency. This is when we click on the profile, and there the Avant-guard is asleep, and the art house is dancing the polka. The thorn grows and rolls the rolling field. All plow, diligence, but no comment, silence and sleepy kingdom or when your posts are "Smile to the ears" (do not write sincerely, it means).

10. Mutual subscriptions 2/2, 5/5, with 100% earnings without attachments. And other insolent spam in the comments. Instagram with spam looks untroubled (unless of course, you do not have 500,000 subscribers, then a whole team is needed). If you shit on the threshold, you should remove a bunch, and not bypass it on the side.

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO ❤️

Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva 

Views: 1614 | Autor: Manager2 | Tags: 10 main sins of Instagrammers | Rating: 4.5/10
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