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50 ideas of content Instagram, PART 2

50 ideas of content Instagram, PART 2





50 ideas of content Instagram, PART 2 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨ 


26. Recommend Your favorite products. If You sell bicycles, You must be an avid cyclist. Share with the public personal preferences.
27. Periodically share useful tricks with users. Write a list and publish them in the following format: "Trick number 9". 
28. Write a list of the most popular posts in industry blogs. Publish it and explain on the example of several materials why publications have become successful. 
29. Recommend Your partners to subscribers. For example, if You are satisfied with Your Internet provider, computer equipment supplier or cleaning agency, do not spare compliments. 
30. Tell the audience how You are achieving success in business and do not go crazy. Perhaps You are practicing yoga, or throwing negative energy with a cross fit? Photos are welcome. 
31. Ask the subscribers for advice. 
32. Confirm that You are human. Publish a photo of your breakfast, destroyed by Your dog sneakers or the devastating effects of yesterday's party. 
33. Comment on current events, which are all heard. Avoid political topics. 
34. Recommend the supporters to subscribe to the page of the industry expert. Say that You get a lot of useful information from first-hand. 
35. Share memories with an audience. Publish a photo of the old logo, the first products or the office in the garage. 
36. Publish in "FaceBook" a link to Your profile in Pinterest. 
37. Publish something funny. Play a famous meme. 
38. Publish the video. It's better if it's a useful video guide. 
39. Recommend to subscribers a profile of the class specialist on LinkedIn. You may have worked with an excellent designer or photographer. Share Your experience with colleagues and customers. 
40. Conduct photo contest. The subject matter of the photo should be related to Your business. 
41. Comment on the topics that are currently being discussed on Twitter. Avoid politics. 
42. Discuss with someone from colleagues or branch gurus. Make it so that Your subscribers see the discussion. 
43. Publish a funny photo and ask subscribers to come up with a signature. 
44. Go to YouTube Video, which will be interesting for Your audience. It can be a funny video shot on the camera phone, or professional video content created by Your colleagues. 
45. Mark Your colleagues page on Facebook. Show that You are not afraid of competition. 
46. Make a selection of industry news. Check for current topics using Google Alerts. 
47. Follow the regional holidays. Congratulations to subscribers from Europe on Christmas December 24. Residents of the USA will be grateful if You remember them on July 4th. 
48. Publish the forecast. It can be linked to the scope of Your business or current events. For example, write who in Your opinion will win the Football Championship. 
49. Invite subscribers to download an e-book. 
50. Invite Your subscribers to ask You questions related to the product or business. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤ 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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