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50 ideas of content Instagram, PART 1

50 ideas of content Instagram, PART 1






50 ideas of content Instagram, PART 1 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨ 

Let's start. 

1. Quotations. Funny and inspiring sayings of famous people always enjoy success.
2. Continue the thought. "If I were a millionaire, then ...", - offer Your audience to continue this or other thoughts. 
3. Polls. Facebook allows You to create a poll within one minute. 
4. Photo in the format "behind the scenes". Publish photos of employees during work, satisfied customers. Suitable photos from corporate parties and industry events. 
5. Statistics. Graphs and diagrams with data relating to Your field of activity are always in demand. 
6. Repeated announcements of successful publications in the blog. Links to popular articles will never hurt. 
7. Questions. Ask the audience simple questions related to Your business. 
8. Announcements of Your guest posts. If Your article is published on an authoritative industry resource, immediately notify the sub. 
9. Branded photo. Look in the far corners of the hard drive for photos that contain Your company logo. It's good if the image is funny. 
10. Infographics. You can advertise someone else's infographic or create Your. 
11. Photos of Your product. These photos can be published on Pinterest or Instagram. 
12. Photos that cause positive emotions. Do not try to connect them with your business. Your subscribers will certainly appreciate the sunset photo or a smiling child. 
13. Reference to a discussion or dispute. If You argue with colleagues on a forum, refer to this dispute. 
14. Ask subscribers to share Your opinion about your product. 
15. Publish a photo of Your product in the process of assembly or production. 
16. Reposting photos from Pinterest. In this social network You will find many interesting images worthy of attention to Your audience. 
17. Share a link to a useful resource. This can be an industry blog, a new service or a website. 
18. Publish the presentation on SlideShare and share the link with the subscribers. 
19. Refer to the useful case. Many consider this format to be more interesting than standard blog posts. 
20. Publish useful advice related to Your business. 
21. Ask users to write a review of Your product. Motivate them and reward the most active. 
22. "Broadcast" photos of customers who are associated with Your business or product. They can be found by the corresponding hashtags. 
23. Recommend users a free tool. For example, share with them information about the program with which You are doing gif-animation. 
24. Recommend to users a useful book related to Your field of activity. If it is freely available, leave a link. 
25. Describe the working day of the employee of Your company. It can be a photo report with a little description. Share this content. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤ 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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