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How to attract the Target Audience to Instagram?

How to attract the Target Audience to Instagram?



How to attract the Target Audience to Instagram? 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨

Today we talk about the most important, the basis of the foundations - the Target Audience. It is based on the knowledge of the target audience that any marketing communication is built. Even if You do not sell anything, but promote Your blog or personal page, You still need to know who your CA is. 
Why do You need to know who Your target audience is? In order to competently build Your communication and promotion. Knowing who these people are, You will know where they can be found, and how to talk to them in order to interest them. 

Let's see the easiest example: 

You sell children's things, then, Yours TA - mothers. Where to look for moms? In shops selling toys, children's textiles, etc., as well as competitors who like You sell children's things. What should moms say? Moms need to talk about You have cool things for children, made of natural materials and delivery to the very doors. 

In short, You need to press the key points - the constant care of moms: children need clothes made of natural materials, moms want to dress their children in beautiful things, moms do not have time to run around shopping and go for their orders, so they need to make the most convenient option receiving an order. 

It was a simple example. But we all sell, promote, write cardinally different things, so everyone should determine for himself his target audience, and do it not in the head, but on a sheet of paper. 

The more You describe who these people are, the easier it will be for You to find them and work on them. Take a piece of paper and a pen (ideally a diary or a notebook, in the near future we will tell You a lot of interesting things) and perform the exercise. We write detailed answers to these questions: 

1. Sex 
2. Age 
3. Marital status 
4. Do children 
5. Geography 
6. Education 
7. Income level 
8. Occupation / position 
9. Innovator / conservator 
10. How to spend your free time 
11. What are the interests 
12. What are the interests Problems encounter 
13. Do they go on holiday? 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO ❤
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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