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About Selfie

Hello friends!

I know for myself - sometimes I want to take a selfie, but it looks so dumb from the outside that I refuse an idea and lose, perhaps, a great shot on some kind of cool background.
Or maybe you should not steam up with all these selfies? After all, the big question is how much they decorate or, conversely, spoil your account. And so it was decided to conduct an experiment ...
Different people at the call of the organizer engaged in analytics and began to count the number of likes for selfies and other posts. And here's what they came to: everyone turned out differently, but the trend nevertheless came to light: most selfies still won.
Based on the observations and the material collected, I share with you a secret how to make your “self-portraits” gain a lot of likes and work only for you as a plus.
Let's start with the psychological moment - it’s hard for people to refuse to like you if you post a photo of their face. This is the principle. You look them straight in the eye, you are waiting for an assessment, and, of course, rarely what friend does not support you! So selfies in this sense are justified.
But there are a few BUT friends!
Learn to make BEAUTIFUL selfies!
Do not overdo it with them until nausea in the frequency of calculations!
Do not take the same type of selfie! Change the background / place, pose, facial expressions.

Selfies are very convenient, because this is the content that is always with you. It is not a pity to remove it, you can always take a new picture.
Selfies are the face of your account, both literally and figuratively. People should see who they are talking to, who they are buying from, or asking for advice. Even if you are an insta store, having a suitable selfie will raise your confidence level by an order of magnitude.

So you need to upload a selfie. Just don’t fall off the cliffs, don’t fall under the wheels of cars, don’t turn off your head completely during the shooting! Because how many cases were there, from just casual to lethal.

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