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Increase the response




Instagram Conversion - Increase the response. 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨ 

Conversion is such a thing, about which everyone says, but very few people know what kind of indicators it should have. First of all, we want to note that conversion is of two types:

1. Conversion of subscribers to customers 
2. Conversion of the page by activity. 

Talk today will be about the second kind. 
So, what does this conversion give us? If You know how it is calculated, then You can easily calculate how active the audience is with some particular profile. It is very important to understand that the conversion of a personal page, publicity and a store is strikingly different. 
The easiest way to determine the conversion of a page is to divide the number of subscribers into the average number of likes in a photo. In shops this figure usually does not exceed 1.5-2%, the situation in public goods is about the same - within 1.5%. And on your personal pages is 8-10% ideal. 


After the changes introduced in Instagram this figure fell, we consider 4-5% on average. Also You need to consider how many subscribers in Your profile and how much it exists. The more subscribers in the profile than the "older" page, the smaller the conversion. 

This is due to many factors. But the coolest thing that we always look at the conversion, consider the video (sorry, not all of them publish). It shows the views and it's great, because You see the real figure of the involved audience. 

People have become mean to the likes, but watching the video is fixed whether they want it or not. And usually conversion of the profile by views is the ideal 8-10%, and sometimes even more. 
And another indicator of a good conversion is the number of comments. If the profile is not too good, but under the pile of comments, it's very cool. This means that the audience is open to communication and carefully reads all the posts, just does not put any likes (maybe forget :) The conversion of the page will help You to adequately assess the competitor or competently choose a platform for advertising.

Recently, analyzed the public, which was 80k, 4500 likes in the photo and 330 views on the video, it immediately becomes clear that the huskies are screwed, as well as subscribers. Accordingly, the advertisement there smart and experienced user would not post. 

Learn from other people's mistakes and do not make rash acts! Careful analysis - All of us! 
Try to determine the percentage of conversion on your profile, and we will advice You how to increase the response of Your audience. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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