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How to make the advertisment effective?

How to make the advertisment effective?







How to make the advertisment effective?

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨

Today we will talk about how to make your advertising effective, because you agree, you have long been breaking this head and looking for such effective advice?

Therefore, we decided to make you happy again and ease your suffering! Sit down and write down.

Yes, you dream of launching official advertising in Instagram, ordering advertisements from famous bloggers and posting your publications, advertising in other, equally interesting public places, is not it? Great! You have a grand plan to capture Instagram!

But do not forget about several important points:

1. Clearly set the goals and objectives of your advertising campaign: you must understand what you want to acquire in the end. Sales, subscribers, reposts, etc. For different purposes you need to use different tools.


2. Prepare your account for traffic. Do everything so that getting on your page on advertising, the audience had an irresistible desire to subscribe. Interest them with the help of content, live communication, etc.


3. Prepare an attractive advertising message in the format Offer + Deadline + call to action: Attractive offer + Time limit + Call for action, plus a clickable image, plus choose the optimal placement time.


4. Evaluate effectiveness in accordance with the objectives of paragraph 1.

1. First, register in the statistics services (For example: iconsquare and livedune, maybe you and others will find it).

2. Secondly select the evaluation period. Usually it's 30 days.

3. Monitor the activity and growth rate of accounts of your competitors.

4. Keep track of engagement rates (comments, likes, impressions, coverage)

5. Track sales (as well as applications, questions, etc.)

No blogger will help you, no advertising in Instagram will give you a special effect and profit, if you do not prepare your profile, do not make it a sweet, interesting, enticing.


Therefore, be sure to review the statistics for your account, draw conclusions and set new goals.

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤ 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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