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Hello to everyone who wants to be on top!

Today we will tell You about the secrets of prices.   Without banknotes. :)

What is a "fair price"?

Think, a tour for 350,000 rubles is expensive? Probably expensive. And if it's the Maldives or Fiji? And the hotel is 5 stars. Duration 4 weeks? Plus all inclusive?

Thus, expensive - turns into a very profitable ("give two, or three!") Expensive or high prices do not happen, they can be justified, fair or not fair. You know when the H & M jeans cost $ 100 and the same number of jeans Armani.

If for the first - it's very expensive, for the second - a real fight for a couple (take even marriage.) The most popular mistake when you think that the price of your goods is good and you do not need to explain. And so everything is clear. You and your employees, colleagues, can be understandable, but the buyer - no! In this there is neither bad nor good.

Just do not all equate to one.

What is worth doing?

1) Reasonable price. Price is not only raw materials. This is the uniqueness of design, quality, classification, your experience, availability of available products, etc. This is worth writing about. And in blogs and in Instagram, everywhere. Not once, but a lot. But not straightforward, doing it gracefully. And tell us about your experience, methods of product quality, publish satisfied customers with a cup of coffee. Split before / after, etc.


2) We think about products at different prices (low / high / very high). We form the price range. For example, create three packages - Standard, VIP and Economy. This is well suited for experts, agencies and bloggers.


3) Test - for free. Sometimes a person or a company is not ready to invest, until they are sure of the result. So we create a free step that develops all doubts. Trial package, free service, consultation, giveaway, etc.

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤️

Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva 


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