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Promotion in social networks - truth and delusion

Promotion in social networks - truth and delusion


Promotion in social networks - truth and delusion. 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨

E-commerce and social signals are a new and lasting alliance. 
At the beginning of the article we would like to point the average price for a person who entered Your community (an example is facebook). Not just a created account, but a real person with advertisements in social networks and external spots.

This is just over 7 rubles with the correct campaign setting, for 40% of communities more than 10-12 rubles. 
Typical answer: 
It's expensive. We'll buy that cheaper. We`ll take wholesale, it will be good. 

And this typical answer is a deep delusion, it's unlikely to be useful. Something is not right, You will say. And then why do we need tens and hundreds of thousands of people in the communities? All these are follower bases, a platform and a foundation for building the flow of the target audience. 
However, one of You will object and say: All these are not serious, groups are needed only for status, for a tick and to publish news. And it’s the second deep delusion, whether you are a large company or the owner of a small business project, a creator, a creative personality, or any other. 

Here are some numbers to think about. Every year, the overall growth in sales from social commerce increases by 1.5-2.5 times, and as is known, the solvent population of the Earth does not increase in this amount. 

As a result, You either start implementing in social media systems or lose a bit of all your customers, visitors, in the end You have that audience that for some reason just did not know about competitors and even this audience will become less and less. 
Social signals - this is an essential thing for this time, the time when the entire system of Internet structures is rebuilt beyond recognition. 
Some individuals, companies, firms, projects have reached 60-70% of the total profit, from social networks, and spend less on advertising (excluding outdoor advertising) and less in percentage terms, while increasing their turnover in several and sometimes Dozens of times. 

Looking for well-known brands? Among these companies: Nike, Adidas, Avon and many others. 

The most interesting. What is there in ZT PRO that distinguishes us from other companies engaged in promotion? Read the above figures and You will understand this - the average cost of a person entering Your community from advertising is not 7 or 10 rubles. 
We provide a cost of 1 ruble for such a follower. Anyone who will say or think that it is still expensive - You can stop reading right now... Anyone who will say or think that they know the mass of SMM-traders on different forums who make followers from advertising for little money for entering any social network, or on 2-3 rubles, excuse, but You are deceived. 

In the first case, the deception is extremely vulgar and undisguised. As in ZT PRO we offer such prices only thanks to our own media structure in which more than 100 different sites and communities make the cost lower than average (in SMM and other marketing companies the average cost is 4-5 rubles) several times, when the cost of less than 3 rubles outside our company is a deception of clean water. 
No company in the CIS except ZT PRO today cannot provide such price/quality indicators, and if for some reason You order from some competitors or even from some students for little money ... Congratulations, You are investing in charity! But definitely not in Your project. 

In the second case, You simply spend Your money on the fact that Your order will be executed from us, most likely this site or person will be a reseller ( according to our data about 30% of our regular customers are resellers and second-hand dealers). 

We just wish You speedy and effective development, and the achievement of goals. But when You spend Your budget so that someone subsequently could outbid the same services (and more often using a mix of services with the greatest benefit to the reseller), and in the end You get a result that could be 2-3 times higher, we can`t remain silent about this. 

It would seem, what difference does it make to us? Customers go, orders also go, develop and wield handles. The difference is big - the concept and policy of ZT PRO is to give people and projects a REAL help in reaching new heights and goals. 
The main thing to remember is that all Your goals have already been achieved, and time is just a small curtain hiding all that You need so much. Any questions about what is beneficial and what is not, You can ask our support staff by phone hotline, via the site or by icq, skype or email, we will help you! 
We wish you new achievements, do not forget about us, we always remember You, and strive to make Your life on the way to the goal, easier and more pleasant, improving Your advertising and promotion systems. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤❤️

Author: Elizaveta Vorobyeva

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