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Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨

Most public posts that print supposedly useful posts, in fact, do it for a fee. And for public posting Your post for free it should be really good and interesting. Naturally, for free posts selection is always strict.
So what is important to consider in order increasing Your chances of success? 

* Your post should correspond to the theme and style of the profile. 

* Before sending Your articles in public, check out how are the posts of permanent authors and what they contain. 

* See how the final part of the author's posts is framed in order to determine whether the public is just a consumer who does not want to share his subscribers, advertising the author or whether he is ready to advertise. 

* Remember that the correct end of the post increases the influx of new subscribers by about 10 times. That is if without a recommendation to You can come about 15 people, then with a recommendation to You will come 150 people. 

* Be prepared for mutually beneficial cooperation. Immediately after the publication of the post, post a post in your profile, informing subscribers that in such a public You can read my article. The post should remain the first in Your tape for at least 4 hours, as well as not contain any links to extraneous accounts. 

* Send publicly tested texts, without errors and typos, with punctuation marks arranged. 

* Try to write without water - capacious and on business. Do not mention in the text, on whose advice You have purchased this or that object (book, product, etc.) 

* Do not add Your personal tags to the post. The influx of subscribers after the publication of the post depends not only on the public, but also on how the text is issued at the end of the post. Many publics do not want to recommend their authors, intends to remove the line with the recommendation to subscribe to Your profile, so as not to encourage the outflow of subscribers from public to the author. 

Therefore, as the author, it is necessary to correctly fill out a post at the end and write a call to action in order to get new subscribers. And with the public to discuss the mandatory presence of this phrase in Your post. 

Your call to action may sound like this: "We recommend that you subscribe / look at @profile name, more articles on this topic, You will find in the profile @ the profile name, etc. 

Promotion is a great job. And if You have something to share with the public try to properly place your posts and send them to public. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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