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The secret of successful posts

The secret of successful posts







The secret of successful posts 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top 

Selling posts are an incredibly powerful sales tool. If You want to deliciously describe a product or service (hereinafter the product/service will be replaced by the unifying word "goods"), it is important for You to be able to do this correctly. 

1. Similar posts write not only shops, but also bloggers, and public (when place paid posts). 
2. Any selling text should be built logically, do not forget to follow this, so as not to jump from thought to thought. 
3. You must be persuasive. Describe the emotions obtained from owning this product or service, and the more emotional and interesting Your text is, the better, but You do not need to go too far. 
4. Tell us about what kind of product it is, what are its advantages over similar products, and what will give the buyer his purchase. That is, describe the final result, what kind of emotion/skill / benefit, etc. the buyer will receive. 
5. Each post-sale should contain contacts, they should be placed in the last sentence: this is the phone number with the way of communication or a link to the account that You are talking about. 
6. If You sell your product, You must specify the price and whether You have a delivery (with a brief description of the details). 
7. The blogger is limited to the link to the account, the remaining details should not be specified. 
Many are wondering whether it's so important to quote the price, it's 100% important! Do not create unnecessary problems for the client, do not force him to do unnecessary movements. 

Very few people want to write to You just to find out the price. And most importantly, write from the heart, follow the reaction of the audience and analyze which texts work best for You. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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