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Secrets of Branding Instagram

Secrets of Branding Instagram






Secrets of Branding Instagram 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top 

Disclosing to You the topic of personal branding, we want to talk about its components. The main task of the PB is to help Your target audience make the right choice - a choice in Your direction. 

Since society is used to labeling, and the public opinion about You, is formed on the basis of Your behavior. The task is not to let the society stick a label on You, the last word should be Yours, You must stick that label on yourself. Thus creating the right image in the minds of consumers. 

The personal brand consists of two components - external and internal. 

1. The first component includes yourself Your own idea of yourself, the people around You and about how and by whom You represent yourself in the future. 
2. The second includes Your appearance, gait, hairstyle, gesticulation, Your image, Your manner of dressing and yourself presentation. You always need to work on both components. So, what should You think about first? 
Any person is: 
1. Name (some kind of sonorous surname) 
2. Appearance 
3. Voice 
4. Content 
5. Nonverbal (gestures, gait, facial expressions) 
6. Context 

So, every moment described above should be carefully thought out. And from each point, there should be a general picture - Your image. Think about how the person of Your position should behave and behave, what intonations should be, when he speaks, etc. All the thoughts that come to Your mind, write down, then choose the one that is most suitable for You. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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