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Stories in Instagram


Stories in Instagram







Stories in Instagram 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨ 

First of all, we want to give You one simple advice on the function of Stories in Instagram: 

Do not clap Your ears! While You are thinking or just going to do something, others are already doing it. And usually, these are the others who are ahead of the whole planet. 

Today let's talk about what Instagram Stories can be useful for You. 

So, Stories are displayed at the very top of Your tape, which means they will not get lost among the posts, and they are not subject to the ranking of the tape. The new Instagram Stories are lit with an iridescent circle around Your avatar, urging You to look and see what You've posted. That's why Stories in Instagram are very convenient for: 

1. Announcing the receipt of goods 
2. Announcing discounts promotions or any activity in Your profile. 
3. Talk about the news. 
4. Announce new posts and interesting topics. 
5. Invite to visit Your profile to see/read something. 
6. Take a video about how to use Your product, how it works, etc. 
7. Often in one photo and You will not show what the product looks like, it's hard to transfer the shine in the photo, show the inner parts, etc. 
Instagram Stories can be great to help You with this issue. 
8. And here You can get acquainted with subscribers and talk about yourself! Well, that the video is only 10 seconds, You can continue Your monologue in the next, because all the videos in a day are combined into one story :) 

You can always go to privacy settings and hide your Stories in Instagram from one or several users that , You see, it's very convenient. By the way, Instagram Stories can be used as an advertising tool, telling them about some products or personalities. 

We would advise You to try to agree on the mention in Stories of some blogger or star's blogs, such advertising should be cheaper, and it looks unusual that it can attract even more attention to You. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤  
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

Views: 1310 | Autor: Manager2 | Tags: stories in instagram | Rating: 4.8/10
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