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Subscribers Motivation

Subscribers Motivation







Subscribers Motivation

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨

Good afternoon, today we will talk about how to motivate your readers and make them active. 

We often hear from subscribers and customers: "I have silent readers, I can not get them to do anything."

After all, you now know that comments and likes are indicators of involvement on the basis of which a tape is being formed, "recommended", and most importantly your credibility and trust of subscribers.

And if they do not like you and do not comment, they do not see it in the tape, and accordingly they do not trust, and you do not have sales.

So why do the folovers keep silent and how to talk them?


    1. You have very few comments, discussions and interesting, clickable information in your profile.

Solution: Ask your friends or colleagues to walk around and write 10 comments to your photos. But more informative, not "great!", "Class!", "Babe!"
So in the comments there will be a life, reaction and probably people will be stretched and will cease to hesitate.

    2. You do not ask subscribers questions, do not provoke discussions and dialogues, etc.

 Solution: Ask questions, suggest topics for discussion, but first read the next paragraph.

    3. You ask superficial, "vast" questions.
    This is the most popular mistake. Some profiles often have questions like:

    "What kind of soap do you use?" , "What shade of stole is more?"


Solution: Ask questions for the day's rage, for resonant topics, for topics that people have their own opinion, watch trends. A new film is coming out, write about it, ask the folovers whether they are watching or not?

    4. You do not reply to comments.
    No one wants to remain unanswered, if a person writes a comment, he wants to receive feedback from you.

Solution: answer the comments, go through the old publications, answer those that hang unanswered. Become active.

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤ 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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