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What is Crowd Marketing

What is Crowd Marketing







What is Crowd Marketing

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top

Crowd marketing is feedback about You, the driving force behind Your business.

What is capable of raising, pushing and even pulling a business or profile to the top of Instagram for a couple of days. 

Generally, Crowd marketing - there is to promote the network through recommendations to interested persons from the regular participants of communication, the target audience. Such reviews are good in any form: word of mouth trusted text, audio or video reviews. 

There are two main types of integration of Crowd Marketing into the network: 

1. Organics are natural feedbacks from Your loyal customers who love and appreciate everything that You have already done for them, be it products or services. 

2. Motivated - this type of feedback, which is written through the stimulation of the author. Here we are not talking about buying reviews (although in business as in war, all methods are good :), but about B2B. An elementary example - You negotiate with clients for a good discount, and they, in turn, commit to leave a detailed review or review about You and Your project. Thus, You cover potential customers, Your target audience and the better the result of works for Motivated Crowd Marketing, the better the feedback will be. The method is effective and simply uplifts the business, especially the young. 
Do not forget to make sure that Your feedback is seen by potential buyers. 

Share them on all Your pages in social media, indicating the author's name and referring to his page (such reviews are convincing). 
A good tip is proof of well-executed work. 

Psychology is such that we tend to acquire what has already been bought or tried before. Your business and popularity will eventually thank You, and You will not regret spending time and money (in case of discounts and B2B), since such a strategy brings returns with interest. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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