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How to cooperate with bloggers?

How to cooperate with bloggers?







How to cooperate with bloggers? 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top✨

How to choose the right blogger for cooperation? This is one of the most difficult tasks in progress. It all depends on You, if something goes wrong, and advertising does not work, then You will be to blame and only You! 

Some insta-experts and advertisers like to complain about bloggers. But we have a different view on this matter and now we will explain why, and we will also give You really worthwhile advice on cooperation. 

Nobody forces You to buy advertising. You choose the blogger, the day, the time of publication, prepare Your page for advertising, etc. If You do something wrong, then this is Your fault. You need to approach advertising seriously! 

1. Look for a blogger with Your TA. Flip through those who signed it (not all, see selectively to make an approximate picture), see who is active in the comments. Make sure that this is Your TA. 

2. Check the profile activity. Watch has already been no longer relevant. Better look at the number of video views and the number of comments. And if the views can be wound, then there are no live comments, their attraction is a pledge of a quality advertising campaign. 

3. Read how a blogger writes advertising posts, how much these texts are interesting, and how their audience reacts to them. Yes, You will have to spend a week or two analyzing bloggers, but You will not throw money away and protect yourself from failure as much as possible. 

4. Track other people's advertising posts from the blogger. Try to write to advertisers and ask what effect they got after placing an advertisement: how many people came to them, whether there are questions about the product and sales. 

5. When negotiating an advertising post, be sure to agree on what day it will be released, at what time, how Your account will be mentioned and how the post will be written. Ask the blogger to have two mentions of your account: at the very beginning in the first three lines, so that those users who still do not read posts, saw your nickname, and at the very end, so that all users who read the post to the end could click to an active link to Your profile. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO❤ 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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