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The Secret of Beautiful Instagram Photos

The Secret of Beautiful Instagram Photos





The Secret of Beautiful Instagram Photos 

Hello to everyone who wants to be on Top 

The conversation today will go about the secret of beautiful photos, or rather about how to properly shoot them.

So, look at the watch, if you have from 11:00 to 17:00 and a good weather outside the window, then it's time to take pictures. Before shooting, be sure to wipe the camera. You must prepare the background in advance. We always shoot on real background for photo, because they get interesting photos, if there are not any, You can shoot on the paper, plaid or table. 

You also need to have a reflector, if You have not heard about it, then You know that this is a great thing. We advise You to buy a thick sheet of white cardboard. It is very convenient, because it can be bent to correctly light a photo. 

We have a background in the immediate vicinity of the window, only no direct sunlight! Light must be scattered. Lay out the composition on the background and stand in front of the light source. Often, we get shadows from objects that are located on the background. Here then we will need a reflector! We put it between each other and the background. 

The result is stunning, the shadows become much softer and less noticeable. These simple secrets, great help You in the shooting, observe every point that we are talking about and You will get excellent shots. 

Sincerely Yours, ZT PRO 
Author: Elizaveta Vorobeva

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