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Package Soundcloud PLATINUM - A unique tool for raising the popularity in Soundcloud - it's over 1,000,000 plays and an exit to the Top. "The idea of ​​creating PLATINUM was prompted by the sudden success of my track Imany - Do not Be So Shy. Then, I realized that our customers can reach it." Evgeny Yakimov, President of ZT PRO. 

Reaching the peaks 

Analyzing and studying all the main methods of influencing the popularity in Soundcloud, our team was able to put a record on the tests, confirming that in 2-3 weeks it is possible to collect more than 1,000,000 plays and several thousand likes, even with the most common profile with 20-100 subscribers. 

About the numbers in details

In Soundcloud PLATINUM we have included support in all directions, aimed at achieving 1 000 000 - the figure that extols the top tracks of any length and genre. It is this figure that is guaranteed by ZT PRO 100%, the coefficient of likes, reposts and comments is very difficult to predict (about 0.001-0.010%) 

Exceeding expectations

Even we did not count on this - a team with more than 5 years of experience, keeping the lowest prices for Promotion of Soundcloud in the market - we have achieved INCREDIBLE. Even at the lowest price 1,000,000 plays in Soundcloud would cost the band, DJ, or producer $ 2150. But it needs to be heard - only $300  for 1 listening! This gift for all our favorite customers is accompanied by grandiose promotions (sometimes prices can be even lower) MUSIC ON! FROM MILLION TO BILLION

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