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With us You can Buy subscribers in the community, Facebook page. Performers are live users.

Speed ​​of execution: The standard execution speed is up to 20,000 subscribers per day.

Minimum and maximum amounts: The maximum number of subscribers in the order is unlimited. The minimum order amount should not be less than $1. (When buying several services at the same time, the total amount of the order.) The maximum amount of one ordered service should not exceed $2000. (The maximum amount of several services in one order is $5000)

Available Methods of execution: All is a mixed method, the service is performed in several ways.

Advertising - a method of attracting the audience through the placement of advertising on the resources of the social network or a supporter of sites. Inviting - attracting the audience for the necessary advertising tasks by invitation, personal messages, mailings.

Offering - attracting the audience through a system of payment for assignments, It is possible to adjust the frequency of execution.

Frequency is the interval of execution of 1 order unit after a certain period of time. Example: 1 entered - every 5 minutes, (frequency: 5 minutes) 1 like - every 2 hours (frequency: 2 hours), etc.

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