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real users from contests in applications
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With this service, You can buy the right amount of fan page likes. Performers are live users. All the followers are put in a natural way. 

Note: The more criteria are chosen, the less will be the speed of getting likes.

No guarantees of write-offs and blockages. 

Guarantee: to re-attract the entire volume with a full write-off of the involved subscribers (when ordering from 500 people). 

The average percentage of inactive audience after attraction: 20-35%. 

Rules: in Your community/profile must be at least 10 notes, 5 friends/subscribers. Communities without subscribers and notes are not accepted. Blocked users soon unfreeze their pages. Attraction is through contests in Facebook applications in networks. 

Average speed of attraction: up to 150 subscribers per day. If You need a quick engagement and an active audience, we recommend: Business Class Subscribers (with the presence of advanced targeting.) 

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