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VIP Premium Quality Automatic likes

Subscribing on VIP likes for 60 new posts in Instagram allows You to connect the secure Instagrame likes tariff . In contrast to the usual subscription on likes, this service takes into account all the nuances, for Your comfort.

1. Likes are starting to arrive within 2 minutes after the publication (in the usual subscription after 15 minutes)

2. Security is Guaranteed cause VIP likes affix are proven Offers, with accounts of people who deal professionally likes.

Option to Existing Photos: This option allows You to allocate a portion of likes on existing photo or video, and create an additional promotion for them.

The optimum value of the number of photos: The number of 60 new photos is selected for a good reason. Through research our experts revealed that VIP escort ads in the number of records increases by 50-55 make the popularity of a profile in several times, increasing the appearing on the main page of Instagram in 4-7 times (up to 3 times a day) - it allows You to expand its audience tenfold.

Volumes VIP: These values ​​are 1750, 2500 and 3000 likes for each photo allows to get in Instagram Top, which is so important and necessary for the VIP guests. Thus each photo (when using hashtags and geotag) clearly becomes the property of an audience of millions Instagram

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